Foreword from UIC

Jean-Pierre LOUBINOUX, UIC Director General (Copyright: J-J D’ANGELO)

It is a pleasure to invite you to this second edition of the UIC Global Rail Freight Conference organised at the kind invitation of the Russian Railways RZD and their President Mr Vladimir Yakunin. This conference is one of the leading events in the international rail freight sector, dedicated to top executives and decision-makers, rail and logistics professionals, customers, influential politicians and regulators, and institutions from across the globe.

This day and age sees international trade flows creating new perspectives and needs for efficient, safe and economically viable transport, boosting sustainable performances – particularly on long-distance routes. This evolution reflects current growth patterns in world trade and constitutes the basis for a successful globally-oriented rail freight network. Cross-border corridors and modal logistics complementarity along many development issues
are the tools for regional and international development. The International Union of Railways (UIC) together with its railway members is fully committed to meeting these new challenges and working together to transform these perspectives into reality.

I would also like to pay tribute to the Russian Railways, pioneers in the long-distance freight and economic exchanges between Asia and Europe and a major contributor to Russia’s economic growth, whose role is crucial for railway cooperation.
Finally, I take this opportunity to warmly thank Mr Vladimir Yakunin for his kind invitation and for welcoming us in St Petersburg.

UIC Director General