Participate to the Opening Video

Opening video

Take the opportunity to showcase your latest international freight and intermodal logistics services in the video that will be shown at the opening of the UIC GRFC conference in Tangier!

You can send in videos or stock footage of your freight convoys, and the various freight markets you serve (block trains, industrial transport, special trains for industrial convoys, motor vehicles, agricultural products, major retailers, container transport, cooperation with shipping companies, ports, road haulage, etc.).

These video clips and stock footage should be officially approved by you before featuring in the conference’s opening video. Following the UIC GRFC conference, the video may be used again during UIC seminars and meetings dedicated to freight and logistics.

Videos and stock footage intended for the opening film of the UIC GRFC conference should be sent as soon as possible to FRL Productions Company, which has been commissioned by UIC and ONCF to make this production.

FRL Productions
Mr Antoine Jézéquel: