Since the first edition in New Delhi in 2007, the UIC has organised a worldwide conference, the Global Rail Freight Conference (GRFC), to promote the intrinsic advantages of rail as the backbone of a sustainable transport system. This leading concept dedicated to the rail freight sector at world level has always gathered prominent representatives from the political and economic sectors, international institutions and all actors of the logistics chain, among them railways, ports and shipping lines, multi-modal operators and shippers.
UIC GRFC 2020 is postponed

[...] the seventh edition of the GRFC will be organised in partnership with Latvian Railways. The main theme of this edition is “Cutting-edge technology for a new generation of freight mobility” and proposes to focus on a range of topics such as the agile transformation of the logistics industry, the internet of logistics, global transport challenges and climate friendly strategies to name but a few.

One of the highlights of the 2020 edition will be the session dedicated to our young generation. During this session, lively discussions will take place on how tomorrow’s decision makers propose to address the key challenges of transport in a global economy.