Why Tangier?

Morocco’s economy has been characterised by a significant process of market-opening and socio-economic development, which has enabled the country to position itself as a leader in the Arab-African world despite the constraints imposed by the global crisis.

Located in the north of the country, Tangier is Morocco’s gateway to Europe. It is Morocco’s second-biggest centre of economic activity after Casablanca, due to its diverse range of industries, including key sectors such as textiles, chemicals, mechanics, metals and shipbuilding, etc., with extensive infrastructure including a port, railway, motorway, large seaside resort, a variety of hotel and tourist infrastructure, a 7km-long beach and a medina selling traditional Moroccan artwork and handicrafts.

The city is on its way to becoming a major hub for commercial maritime traffic with the opening of the Tangier-Med port, which is designed to facilitate maritime trade. Thus, since May 2010, the bulk of traffic has been directed to the new Tangier Mediterranean port (Tangier Med), located around 40 km east of the city.

Finally, it is worth emphasising that Morocco has embarked upon an ambitious logistics development strategy to serve as a major driver of economic activity and to boost the country’s profile in international trade.