UIC and FS organised the 6th edition of the GRFC in Genoa, Italy from 26 to 28 June 2018: “Modal Integration at the service of Global Distribution”.

Baher El-Hifnawi, Lead Transport Economist, World Bank
Joris D’Inca, Consultant, Oliver Wyman Consultancy
François Davenne, Secretary General OTIF
Zheng Pingbiao, Head of Transport Department, China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited
Max Peterson, VP Europe, Middle East and Africa, Amazon
Bibop G. Gresta, Chairman Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Session 2: The race towards sustainability

Roel Janssens, Economic Affairs Officer, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
Clemens Först, CEO Rail Cargo Group, Chairman of UIC Freight Forum
Marie-Hélène Vanderpool, External Relations, in charge for Intermodal Transport, International Road Union (IRU)
Hinne Groot, International Rail Aff airs, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Session 3: Sustainable finance

Doris Chevalier, CEO Infraboost
Baher El-Hifnawi, Lead Transport Economist, World Bank
Annika Kroon, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Move

Session 4: Blockchain technology

sponsored by TNP Consulting

Gilbert Réveillon, CEO Mobile Loov
German Sukonnikov, Deputy Head of Corporate IT Department, RZD
Matthieu Lebeurre, Associate Partner, TNP Consulting

Session 5: Globalisation, Innovation and Connectivity

Vivek Mohan, Director, Mechanical Engineering (Freight), Indian Railways
Brian Monakali, General Manager Capital Planning, Transnet and Chairman IHHA
Nicolas Czernecki, Director in charge of Wagon Management, SNCF
Aldo Puglisi, Head of Digitalization and Business Process Reingeneering, Hupac Group
Henri Beringer, Transport & Mobility Consulting Director, Dassault Systèmes
Laurent Antoni, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Program Manager, CEA (French Commission for Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy)

Session 6: Rail freight corridor developments and the new Silk Roads

Uwe Leuschner, Senior Vice President Business Development Eurasia, DB Cargo AG
Zeng Xianhai, General Manager, China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd
Babak Ahmadi, Vice President for Operation and Transport, Iranian Railways (RAI)
Babak Ahmadi, Vice President for Operation and Transport, Iranian Railways (RAI) - Attached video
Edvīns Bērziņš, CEO VAS "Latvijas dzelzcelš"
Maurizio Gentile, CEO RFI
Andreas Schwilling, Partner in Roland Berger’s Transportation Competence Center

Session 7: Integrity of the Logistic Chain

Natalia Stepanova, Deputy Secretary General CCTT
Gerd Neubeck, Deutsche Bahn & Chair of the UIC Security Platform
Giordano Guerrini, Chairman of the BIC
Cesare Brand, Secretary General CIT

All presentations

All presentations